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The Business of Acting

We're here to help you succeed! 

Whether you are just starting out or have been pursuing this for a while and feel you are at a stand still, we will help you reach your career goals.

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Single session

Single 1 hour business consultation


Package of 4

Four 1 hour one-on-one

business consultations


Package of 8

Eight 1 hour one-on-one business consultations



Master the Biz


For actors who want one-on-one career direction 

  • take control of their own career

  • want to get started

  • start auditioning

  • get talent representation

  • switch talent representation

  • get help navigating the business

  • how to break into the industry

  • cover letter for talent reps


  • get feedback on your materials (if you don't have materials, we will help you get them)

Master the Audition

Who can take this class?

Must be 13 years or older to attend. Parents and guardians of actors of any age can also attend. (at least one parent or guardian must participate, so you can learn the steps to help your child navigate the business. Your child is not required to attend, but it is recommended) This class is well suited for all levels, beginners-advanced who are looking to take control of their career.

What's covered in this class?

  • How to start getting your own auditions

  • The top 3 ways to get an agent and/or manager

  • Actionable steps to take between lessons

  • Materials you should have to send to reps

  • How to make a great self tape audition

  • Equipment you should have

  • Creating a great resume

  • Finding materials for you to showcase yourself

  • How the industry works today

  • Learn how the audition process works

  • Get the inside scoops we've learned from casting directors

  • Tips and tricks we've developed over our 20 combined years teaching and acting in the industry.​

Question: Which do we do most as actors- audition or film on set?

Most actors sighed and said "audition” (or “is that even a question!?”) We’re here to help you NAIL those auditions and let you know what casting directors everywhere are looking for and AREN’T looking for. LET’S GET YOU BOOKING! Tyler Steelman and Katie Sarife have taught acting for years. Katie has also worked with casting director, Amber Horn, so she has a lot of insight on auditions from the casting director’s perspective. They are sharing the tips that have actually helped them BOOK! See what casting directors, producers, and networks see! We FILM your mock auditions so that you can actually watch your progress and start learning from yourself. You will physically see how well you take direction and how well your intentions come across on camera.​ Don't miss out on this amazing class and start taking control of you career. Trust us, your auditions will never be the same!

Next Master the Business Workshop


On Zoom

Coming this Sept.

10:30 am- 2:30 pm


2 day Workshop

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