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About the Studio

Welcome to JUST BE Acting Studio!

The founders, Katie Sarife (Lead in Annabelle Comes Home, Girl Meets World, Supernatural) and Tyler Steelman (17 Again, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Workaholics) have over 25 years combined worth of knowledge, technique, and auditioning and on-set experience . Katie and Tyler have coached for several years, from California all the way to New York, throughout Seattle, Texas, Utah, Hawaii, ​​​and even as far as Europe and Australia - all while remaining working actors.

It is extremely rare to have a coach that also continues to audition and work as an actor. Many acting teachers have never worked in the film industry aside from teaching, so in a forever changing industry it is a strong advantage to have mentors and coaches experiencing it alongside you with advice that isn't outdated. 

We teach a combination of different techniques and methods because we believe there is no "right way" to acting. There is only what works for you and brings about your most truthful and moving performance. What works for you one day may not work for you the next, so our goal is to provide you with many different tools so you are always prepared for whatever challenges you may face. 


Just Be Acting Studio believes actors need a consistent platform upon which to challenge themselves, and insist on building strong actors. Our goal as teachers is to help you reach your dreams and achieve your goals as an actor.


Let us help you build your acting toolbox and push you to your full potential. 

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