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Specialty Classes

Our specialty classes are not regularly offered.

Most of these classes are focused on mastering auditions. Don't miss out on these! You never know when the next one will be.


These specialty classes are suitable for all levels.

"These are the tips that have truly turned my auditions around-both in person and self tapes! They have made the difference between getting callbacks to actually BOOKING for myself and many others. I want to share these tools with other actors, so they can have these advantages as well!"

-Katie Sarife

Katie Sarife learned many of the tools you will gain from these classes from CASTING DIRECTOR, Amber Horn. They have drastically improved the auditions of many actors and taken them to a new level. A lot of what is taught in this class will help you with having confidence in the room, making a lasting impression, and making the reader, casting directors, producers, etc. really feel connected to you. This class is a MUST if you want to put yourself in a better position to start BOOKING!

The Audition Series

master the audition

Nail your auditions and "be a part of the casting experience" via simulated auditions & callbacks.

Master the script

A must for the serious actor. Fully understand the material and find all the hidden pieces the writer left for you.

self tape 1

This class is a prerequisite to Self Tape 2. Let's make sure your tapes are Just Be and casting level ready.

(Coming soon)

self tape 2

Now that you've taken Self Tape 1, it's time to kick it up a notch. Let's start booking, yeah?

(Coming soon)

Master the Audition


For actors who want to go from auditioning and getting callbacks to

BOOKING the job!

Master the Audition

Who can take this class?

Anyone ages 8 & up. This class is well suited for all levels, beginners-advanced. We cater to your experience.

What's covered in this class?

  • ​Learn what it takes to master Self Tape and Zoom auditions through a simulated audition and callback experience.

  • See the other side of auditions, receive redirections, and learn what makes a performance stand out from the crowd. You will better understand what it takes to BOOK!

  • Take part in playing the “director, producer, and casting department” and anonymously vote for who gets “callbacks” and who ultimately “gets the part”.

  • Get the inside scoops we've learned from casting directors

  • Become more DIRECTABLE (this is really important)

  • Tips and tricks we've developed over our 20 combined years teaching and acting in the industry.​

Question: Which do we do most as actors- audition or film on set?

Most actors sighed and said "audition” (or “is that even a question!?”) We’re here to help you NAIL those auditions and let you know what casting directors everywhere are looking for and AREN’T looking for. LET’S GET YOU BOOKING! Tyler Steelman and Katie Sarife have taught acting for years. Katie has also worked with casting director, Amber Horn, so she has a lot of insight on auditions from the casting director’s perspective. They are sharing the tips that have actually helped them BOOK! See what casting directors, producers, and networks see! We FILM your mock auditions so that you can actually watch your progress and start learning from yourself. You will physically see how well you take direction and how well your intentions come across on camera.​ Don't miss out on this amazing class and start taking control of you career. Trust us, your auditions will never be the same!

Next Master the Audition Workshop


On Zoom

Sat, Jan 28th, Sun, 29th & Sat, Feb 4th

10:30 am- 1:30 pm


3 day workshop 

Master the Script

s ript just be_edited.jpg

This is a MUST for the serious actor.

Fully understand the material and find all the hidden pieces the writer left for you.

Master the Script

Who can take this class?

Anyone ages 8 & up. This class is well suited for all levels, beginners-advanced. We cater to your experience.

What's covered in this class?

  • This one is a MUST for the serious actor!!! ALL of our past, present, and future students will REALLY benefit from this class.

  • We've seen a need for more in-depth work in many actors— for a class entirely dedicated to script analysis and FULLY understanding the material.

  • Students will take their time using the tools we go over in class to write notes analyzing their scenes. One by one, students will present their work as we break down their script analysis and notes together as a class. We will break down every single line to ensure they have a deep understanding of the material. Sometimes this analysis is instinctual and other times it requires a bit more work.

  • Students will also perform their scenes in class.

Next Master the Script Workshop

actors script just be 2.jpeg

3 day workshop (On Zoom)

Sat, Feb 4th

10:30 am- 1:30 pm PT

2:30 pm- 5:30 pm PT

Sun, Feb 5th

Sat, Feb 11th

10:30 am- 1:30 pm PT


Self Tape 1


Coming soon!

Self Tape 2


Now that you've taken Self Tape 1, it's time to kick it up a notch. 

Let's start booking, yeah?

Coming soon!


Uh-huh. You read that right.

"What's the catch..?"

NO CATCH. We're doing this because we love getting to work with actors and we want you to get a taste of what we have to offer.  Free of charge!

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