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Acting Classes

AGES 6-8

our classes

We offer online and in-person classes. Our core classes are broken down into different levels we call Acts where we delve into a particular area of acting. We believe in taking time to really focus on a specific area of acting as opposed to "throwing a bunch of spaghetti at a wall" and hoping some of it sticks. It's one of the many things that sets our studio apart. 

Each Act is a 4-week course, (occasionally, we offer these classes as weekend intensives). After students complete the Act courses, they move into the Advanced class. The Advanced class is an ongoing class. If you have prior experience, you may apply to skip to the Advanced class. 

Act 1: Intro to the Studio

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What's covered in this class?

  • How to act for TV and Film

  • The differences between different acting platforms.

  • Becoming natural and believable

  • How to take direction well

  • Character and scene development

  • Practicing scripts from T.V. shows and movies

  • Tips and tricks we've developed over our 25 combined years teaching and acting in the industry.

  • How to be comfortable in front of the camera​

All students must start in Act 1 unless given approval to skip ahead in our program. No prior acting training is required for Act 1. This class is well suited for complete beginners to acting as well as actors at an intermediate level. ​​We will teach you some of the "do’s and don’ts" of the industry, as well as prepare you to not only enter the world of television and film auditions, but equip you with tips on how to be one step ahead of the game when that day comes.

Act 2, 3, & Up


What's covered in this class?

  • Becoming natural and believable

  • How to take direction well

  • Deeper character and scene development

  • How to make a scene come to life

  • Practicing scripts from T.V. shows and movies

  • More advanced scenes

  • How to have good chemistry with your scene partner

  • Becoming a strong actor

With each Act: Kids course, we start to delve further into character develpoment and more challenging scenes. ​We will teach you how to make strong choices, how to be believable, how to make a scene come to life, tools you will use for the rest of your acting career, etc.

The Advanced Class

This is an ongoing Advanced class where students continue their studies. You're ready to kick it up a few notches and become the best actor you can be!

What's covered in this class?

Everything & anything.


This class is where you will continue your studies with us every month, unless invited to the invite-only masters class. Teachers will work with you on strengthening your weaknesses, and you will work on challenging scenes and characters.


This class strives to expand your skills, emotional depth, roles you can play, understanding, experience, and character work. We will push you to become the best actors you can be, and help you be prepared for any audition, screen test, or booking that comes your way. We change up what we work on each session (i.e. different genres, roles, etc.) - bring your 'A game' to class every class!

We can't wait to work with you in-person or on Zoom!

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